Hendrick's Gin

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The Hendrick's and Bombay Sapphire gift pack contains:

- 1x Hendrick's gin 0.05L
- 1x Bombay Sapphire gin 0.05L
- 1x Fever-Tree Lemon tonic
- 1x Fever-Tree Indian tonic
- 1x opener and garnish.
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Luxury wine box with handmade interior 1x Hendricks gin 0.7L 4x Fever Tree indian tonic 2x luxury glasses 1x Opener Dried garnish consisting of lime, lemon, orange and juniper berries
This comprehensive Fentimans gin tonic gift box is the perfect way to discover new flavors! Filled with 4 types of Fentimans tonic and four different delicious gins. With the "perfect serve" description and various garnishes you can make the perfect Gin T
Box with wooden interior 1x Hendrick's gin 0.2L 4x Fever Tree indian tonic 1x opener Garnish consisting of orange, grapefruit, lime and juniper berries
This comprehensive Fever-Tree gin tonic gift box is the perfect way to discover new flavors! Filled with 4 types of Fever-Tree tonic and four different delicious gins. With the "perfect serve" description and various garnishes you can make the perfect Gin
This cardboard box contains a layout specially made for 1 set of gin tonic. The box contains: 1x Mini Hendricks gin 0.05L (good for 2 glasses of gin tonic) 1x Fever-Tree Indian tonic 0.2L 1x Opener Garnish consisting of lime and juniper
Luxury wine box with two miniature gin and two bottles of Fentimans tonic. The Hendrick's gin can be perfectly combined with the Fentimans Rose Lemonade which brings out the rose petals in the Hendrick's gin.

Hendrick's gin box

A Scottish gin based on cucumber and Bulgarian rose. Hendrick's gin is a drink to get curious about. Which works out well: according to the manufacturer, it is a real gin for curious people. Together with a slice of fresh cucumber and tonic, you can create a fresh gin and tonic cocktail with this gin.

The history of Hendrick's gin goes back to 1860, the year Bennet was still made by coppersmiths in London. Few of this distiller have been produced. In 1886, William Grant built a family distillery in Scotland with his two daughters and seven sons. The family business has since started. It is 1948 when the Carter Head still sees the light of day. Lesley Gracie is born in 1955. From an early age she has been interested in the botanical world. Her preferences are aromas and horses. Horses have no relationship with gin, but the supplier would like to mention it in history, facts are facts after all. The aromas, on the other hand, are the start of something beautiful. Lesley is four years old when she serves tea with plants and twigs to anyone who wants to taste it. Fortunately, her environment survived this and other of Lesley's experiments.

An odd number of botanical finds

We will continue with the history for a little while. In 1966 Charles Gordon, great-grandson of William Grant, finds two unusual stills: the Bennet still and the Carter Head still. It is not immediately clear to him what to do with this find. In 1988 he hires Lesley Gracie. The purpose of this appointment is to appease his eccentric quest for an elixir. It will be 1999 before Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Gracie finally find what they are looking for and achieve a curious kind of deliciousness. They invent a new gin with an odd symphony of botanical finds. Cucumber and Bulgarian rose infusion complete the taste: Hendrick's gin is born. Hendrick's gin's wonderful botanical signature features flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world. The famous odd flavors are yarrow, elderflower, juniper, angelica, orange peel, caraway, coriander, chamomile, cubeb pepper, orris and lemon.

Hendrick's gin is not a cross-section gin

A bottle of Hendrick's gin is reminiscent of the dark brown bottles at the pharmacy. The bottle has a cool appearance. This Scottish gin proves that cucumber goes well with gin. Hendrick's gin becomes an extravagant Hendrick's gin tonic together with a nice tonic. Connoisseurs recommend a tall glass, thin slices of cucumber, lots of ice cubes and of course the gin with the tonic. Hendrick's gin cannot be called a cross section in the gin world. The addition of cucumber and Bulgarian rose do make it unique.

Hendrick's gin for the novice and experienced gin drinker

Those who want to try Hendrick's gin can order our package Hendrick's & Indian Tonic. A 0.05 liter bottle of Hendrick's gin, a bottle of Fever Tree Indian tonic, a small cucumber and an opener make this package a cocktail package. In the beautiful handmade wooden box you can find instructions with which to make the best gin and tonic cocktail. An ideal birthday gift for a novice gin drinker. The enthusiast can also buy a nice package with a larger bottle of Hendrick's gin (70 cl), eight bottles of Fever Tree Indian tonic, a cucumber and an opener.

Hendrick's gin and tonic boxes

Hendrick's gin can be found in the deluxe gift box with four miniatures, along with three other gins: Bombay Sapphire gin, Sipsmith gin and Sloane's gin. Four types of tonic are also included in this package, all four matching a specific gin. In this package we have chosen Fever Tree Lemon tonic, Fever Tree Naturally Light tonic, Fever Tree Indian tonic and Fever Tree Elderflower tonic. Fresh ingredients are also present in this luxurious wooden box.


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