Bombay Sapphire Gin

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The Hendrick's and Bombay Sapphire gift pack contains: - 1x bottle of Hendricks gin - 1x bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin - 1x bottle of Fever-Tree Lemon - 1x Fever-Tree Indian tonic - 1x an opener and garnish.
This beautiful handmade chest is filled with: 1x Bombay Sapphire gin 0,7L 8x Fever-Tree Indian tonic Opener 2 fresh limes
This box consists of a handmade wooden box containing a composition of 4 different gin bottles and 4 different Schweppes Premium flavors. The box also contains garnish to finish the perfect serve, an opener and a glass.
The box consists of a standard wooden box:

1x Bombay gin 0,5L
1x Fever-Tree Indian tonic 0,5L.
1x Opener
2x Lime
This box consists of a handmade wooden box containing a composition of a 0.7L bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin and 4 bottles of Fever-Tree Indian tonic and 4 bottles of Fever-Tree Lemon tonic. The box also contains an opener and garnish to finish the perfect
Luxury wine box filled with premium gin and premium tonic! The wine box is filled with 4 different types of gin and 4 different types of Premium Schweppes Tonic. Plus an open there fresh garnish makes this perfect for a Christmas present
This luxurious wine box is a wonderful gift for the lover of gin. Filled with: 1x Bombay 0,05L 1x Hendrick's gin 0,05L 1x Marula gin 0,05L (ATTENTION: temporary replacement of Sipsmith gin but just as tasty!) 1x Tanqueray gin 0,05L 1x Fever-Tree Lemon Ton
In this cardboard box there is a layout specially made for 1 set of gin tonic. The box contains: 1x Mini Bombay Sapphire gin 0,05L 1x Fever-Tree Lemon tonic 0,2L 1x Opener 1x Stick licorice

Bombay Sapphire: a gin with a story

If you are looking for a nice gin that is made with passion, you should try Bombay Sapphire gin. Where other gins cook the ingredients together, this gin is made with steam infusion. No less than ten recognizable flavors make this gin special. Aromatic and balanced are two key words of the special gin.

Bombay Sapphire gin: the genesis

In the 50s of the last century, two friends came up with a recipe for the perfect gin. One of the men discovered an authentic recipe for gin from 1761 and together with renewed techniques they went to work. Eight herbs were selected and by means of steam infusion, a traditional process, an original English gin was made. A neutral grain distillate was evaporated and, by passing the steam along the special spice mixture in copper kettles, a gin was created in which complex aromas were retained. The aromatic and balanced Bombay Original Dry gin was born. It took another 30 years for Michel Roux to experiment with Bombay gin. He added only two extra herbs, making the gin even more spicy and an even more specific taste. This new gin was named Bombay Sapphire, named after the sapphire-colored bottle where the drink was sold. On the label of the bottle is the image of Queen Victoria, a link to England, the country where the drink has traditionally arisen.

The specifics of Bombay Sapphire gin

Whoever drinks Bombay gin will recognize various aromas. One of the most important ingredients is of course the juniper. The berries in Bombay gin come from Tuscany and give the gin a fragrant and spicy aroma. Lemon peels of sweet and juicy, hand-picked lemons is one of the other important ingredients. These peels are hung to dry in Mediterranean sea air. This is important for the specific taste in Bombay gin. Coriander gives an important taste of citrus to Bombay and makes the gin has vitality. Other important flavors are the root of the iris flower (crushed into a fine powder with a floral aroma), almonds (give a silky taste), licorice (harvested in China), angelica (for an earthy tone) and cassia bark. This last seasoning is a family of cinnamon, but has a somewhat more refined taste. Cassia bark is dried bark from Indonesia, which gives a slight warm softness to the gin. The last two added flavors are the herbs that Bombay Sapphire gin made: paradise grains and tail pepper grains. Paradise grain is a spice, family of ginger and is also called malaguena pepper. The grains offer a spectrum of exotic flavors and are reminiscent of pepper with lavender. Tail pepper grains have a fresh but powerful taste and are also called cubebepeper. Tail Pepper is a kind of berry with a floral aroma, reminiscent of rose and lavender. The combination of flavors certainly makes us curious, so we can especially recommend tasting this gin.

Bombay Sapphire gin tonic: our packages

Bombay Sapphire gin is available in some of our original gifts in various price ranges. For example, Bombay Sapphire Gin is a package in which the premium gin is combined with Fever Tree Indian tonic and fresh lime. With these ingredients a true Bombay Sapphire cocktail can be made. In package Hendrick's & Bombay Sapphire the gin is combined with a gin of another brand: Hendrick's. Of course, the Fever Tree Indian tonic is not lacking, as are cocktail ingredients licorice and lime. If you give this package as a birthday present, you give the girl the chance to taste two beautiful gins in beautiful gin tonic combinations. Package Bombay Sapphire & Lemon Tonic has two types of tonic: Fever Tree Indian tonic and Fever Tree Lemon tonic. In addition, of course, the accompaniment is provided: lime, lemon and licorice are included. By trying different flavor combinations, you can discover what your favorite Bombay Sapphire cocktail is. The final package with Bombay Sapphire gin is Bombay Gin & Lemon Tonic. This is a smaller package with a bottle of Bombay, Fever Tree Lemon Tonic and a licorice stick. An original Fever Tree opener is delivered with all packages. The ingredients for gin tonic are perfect for putting together original business gifts. Anyone who presents a package of gives a gift with a story in handmade boxes.



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